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5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Festive The Holidays.

The holidays are the perfect time to style your home by transforming your antiques into unique holiday decorThis vintage sled is a great piece to add a little rustic touch for the holidays.

Start With White

When decorating your home for the holidays, make whites your base color. This will make reds and greens from your decor pop in a dazzling way.

Go Vintage

There’s nothing more homey and comfortable than a few stylized vintage pieces in your home. This vintage sled is a great item to add a little rustic touch for the holidays.

Add Some Sparkle

Nothing says the holidays more than outdoor lighting. Instead of going overboard with lights, try draping them around greenery and other landscaping features to illuminate your yard in an inviting way.


Candles create an amazing warm feeling that your guests will love. Pair tall tapers with brushed brass candle holders to elevate the shimmer given off by the light.

Coat Hangers

Having a convenient place to hang coats and outerwear is a must during the holidays. You can find some very creative coat hanger ideas that fit all styles.

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