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5 Ways You Can Mix Modern and Classic Design

Create a Focal Point

Whether your home is modern or classic you want to have an area that is the complete opposite. For modern homes throwing in a real antique is a sophisticated statement.

Acrylic chairs.

Acrylic chairs are the perfect modern piece you can mix in at the dinner table. It creates a very clean and airy feeling perfect for summer.

Use Art

Art is a great way to mix modern and classic design. If you have a traditional home then having abstract paintings is a great way to mix things up. For modern homes obtaining a real classic art piece with an ornate frame will make a statement.


A great way to combine classical and modern design is by reupholstering antiques with more modern fabrics and finishes that better suit modern design. It creates a very interesting and distinct high-end look.


Lighting makes up so much of a home’s design. With the correct lighting, you can shape the way a home feels. You can make a classical home feel upscale and modern with the correct lighting.

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