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5 Unique Lighting Ideas

Paper Lantern

A real paper lantern is crafted by an artisan in Japan and can make a bold statement when paired with bright colors and marble.

Industrial Lighting

Old industrial lighting adds an interesting contrast in a modern home. It can make space feel more genuine and aged.

Floral Chandelier

A floral chandelier brings a unique luxe feel that is still based in nature. Pair this with marble and gold for a truly unique look.

1960s Pendant 

Bringing lighting from the 60s can create a cool nostalgic feeling in your home that can actually work if you pair it with the right colors and materials.

Starburst Pendant

If you want to add movement to a room a starburst pendant is a great way to break things up in a unique way. This style of lighting works well with minimalist modern interiors and has a more dramatic effect.

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