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5 Unique Interior Design Ideas

Glass On The Ceiling

We don’t always think of putting glass on the ceiling, but placing some colored glass on the ceiling with a modern room design can actually work quite well. Just make sure to add it as an accent.

Center Furniture Around a Window

We usually place furniture around a coffee table or a fire place. If you have an incredible view why not position furniture around a window? You might be delighted about how visually appealing this can actually be.

3D Walls

We aren’t talking about 3d wallpaper. We mean actual 3d walls! This is a unique idea that is sure to get attention. We love the idea of the room below because it is a music room and the 3d walls emphasize that feeling in the room.

Lowered Living Room

We love lowered living rooms. There is something intimate and cozy about them. They used to be more popular in the 70s. We think they should make a comeback with a modern look.

Outdoor Shower Area

A private outdoor show area can be one of those things you never knew you could live without. Waking up and taking a shower with natural sunlight is a great way to boost your energy first thing in the morning.

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