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5 Unconventional Kitchen Color Ideas


Amber is a bronze and orange combination that can add pops of color and energy into a kitchen Design. This color paired with dark cabinetry really creates a unique contrast.

Aquatic Blue

This is a great shade of blue that is perfect for a mostly white kitchen design. This color really ads saturation to the design without going too far. We love this for summer or ocean inspired kitchen designs.

Acrylic & Traditional

Acrylic has always been used with modern design kitchens, which means on flat square surfaces. Adding acrylic on a traditional cabinet with shape actually creates a uniquely beautiful transitional look.


A very simple yet different kitchen design is the monochromatic look. If you already have a white kitchen, you simply replace colored accents with black ones. It’s a simple change that makes a huge visual difference.

Metal Tiles

Instead of choosing ceramic, granite, or glass tiles, go with metal. At first, this seems like it would be too industrial, but it actually has an interesting shimmer if you go with small polished tiles.

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