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5 Trendy Garden Lighting Ideas for Summer 2018

Border Lighting

This is a trend that originated in modern indoor designs. Recently it has made its way outside and it can give your outdoor space a very modern Zen feeling.

Up Lighting

You have heard of down lighting, but designs are flipping it, literally. Up lighting is a new trend that can give plants, and outdoor figures or statues a very high end and mysterious look that is actually quite unique.

Outdoor Chandeliers 

Here is yet another indoor trend that has made its way outdoors. Lighting manufacturers are actually making chandeliers specifically for outdoor areas, with watertight finishes and bulbs. You don’t usually see chandeliers outside so this trend is a very cool fresh look.

Bench Fireplace

Usually, the fireplace is in the center of a circle or seating area but this trend is actually building the fireplace in the middle of a bench. This allows you to interact with a fire in a much different more intimate way.

Focus Lighting

Focus lighting is when a light points out or focuses very specifically on one thing to draw it out from everything else. This is one of the coolest trends we’ve seen that can allow designers to be very creative. You can focus on metallic finishes like the chain in this picture, or you could focus on movement like a waterfall or art piece.

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