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5 Design Trends Going Out of Style In 2020

Grey With Grey

Grey had a moment in 2016 but its slowly going out of style in favor of more lighter greys paired with bolder colors. The trends going into 2020 are very monochromatic looks, Grey does not work well with this look.

Perfect Modernism

The days of clinical looking cabinets, super square furniture, and reflective surfaces are coming to an end. People are going for more character in their modern designs, choosing to use matte colors and have one of a kind accent pieces that give character to the room.

Industrial Design

This isn’t going away completely. But for the past 4 years it was extremely overdone with people making their homes completely out of steel and concrete. In 2020 you’re going to still see these materials used, but in more thoughtful deliberate ways, and the interiors will be more than just exposed concrete.

Traditional Dining tables

People are using their dining rooms less and less. People are actually renovating their homes to completely remove the dining room to create a larger living space and a more open concept home. Dining tables will still be around, but in the form of smaller or circular designs, that will be just a feature of a room, instead of the focal point.

Picture Pattern Wallpaper

This was an interesting design choice not so long ago, but its really starting to show its age now. Instead, people are choosing wallpapers with fine textures or artistic designs. So instead of a photo of rocks, the wallpaper will replicate the texture of rock.