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4 Tips For Picking Room Color

Think About Your Mood

Will your room be a warm get away, a bright natural sun room for summer? or a vibrant living room. knowing the mood will allow you to narrow down all the color options.

Start Small

if you’re not sure where to start experimenting with smaller rooms or individual walls first is a good way to go. Not to mention if you mess up its a lot less work to redo.

Be aware of Lighting

A color can look dramatically different depending on the type of lighting. This is the reason paint stores have light boxes.

Natural daylight shows the truest color.

Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows.

Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone.

Use A Color Wheel

A color wheel is a great reference tool you can use to find color combinations and intensifying your colors by making tweaks quickly. You may be amazed how this little tool can help you.


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