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5 Summer Interior Design Trends.

Outdoor Rooms

There is nothing quite like an evening outside during the summer with friends. A big trend in home designs is incorporating transitional indoor/outdoor areas.

Window Wall

Instead of having a singular window, why not turn the entire wall into the window itself. This is a great way to connect your home to the outdoors without being exposed to the heat or humidity and you don’t need to live in a highrise to do this.


Bright Entryway

Another trend this summer is bright entryways. You always want to impress your guests and trendsetters are doing that by incorporating an art deco look with white fabrics and starburst lighting fixtures.


Natural Luxury

High-end materials can be incorporated to feel more natural and understated. For example, you can use matte bronze rather than polished bronze, and wood finishing can be more worn and natural while still keeping a high-end charm and feel.


Plants are a must have during summer and you can’t go without a little greenery. A few plants throughout the home can really elevate your summer style.

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