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5 Spring Interior Design Trends for 2018

Pops of Color

Bold pops of color is one of the strongest trends going on this season. It’s bold, but easily manageable if you have one or two main colors to start with that ‘ground’ the rest of the look.

Patterned Headboards

You don’t have to redo your entire bedroom for spring. Upgrade your headboard which is the focal point of your room, to something bright and cheery.

Natural Gold

Gold is a bright and beautiful way to accent colors but instead of something shiny this year it’s all about a brushed or more natural look.


Plants inside your home can have plenty of health benefits, but they also just make any space look brighter. It’s easy to be creative with plants; you can line a bookshelf or make them the centerpiece of your dining room.


Geometry is big again this year. You can find geometric shapes on wallpaper and accent pieces. It’s become very popular because geometric shapes work very well in transitional homes and rooms.

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