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5 Simple Ways To Transform a Home From Outdated To Modern

A home that might feel drab, and washed out, might actually be only a few tweaks away from becoming an elevated and modern space. This blog post is going to show you 5 simple ways you can transform your home and modernize it.

Fresh Paint

Let’s start with paint. It’s one of the most cost effective and high impact things you can do to update your home. You don’t have to limit yourself to just walls. Paint might work well when updating cabinets also. Paint can completely change the look of a space, and it’s also one of the easiest things to fix or redo.


The next thing you should look at is lighting. It’s really surprising how lighting fixtures and windows affect a space. If you have curtains, then see what impact removing them has, you might be surprised. A secret designers often use to create that luxurious look at night is down lighting. You can incorporate this over art pieces or in shelving to enhance the look of your home at night.


Fixtures are a great way to elevate the look of your home. Fixtures can be very cost effective and give that extra designed detail. It’s a good idea to shop around at fixture showrooms instead of going to your local hardware store because often you will find higher end and more unique fixtures for not that much of a cost difference

Do Something Different

A great way to add new life to a home is do one thing different. Maybe you saw that nook window design you loved, or inspiration for a closet layout in a magazine. Take one idea and actually incorporate it in your home. This will make your home more interesting and unique.

Updated Furniture

Instead of updating all of your furniture at once, pick out a couple of pieces you know are at the end of their life and replace them with something more modern. Pairing a few modern pieces with your old furniture and maybe a few updated accents will create an interesting transitional look.

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