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5 Room Designs Perfect For summer

Modern White 

There is something about summer that just makes you want to clean out your home. Reducing the clutter and going for a bright white makes for a crisp, clean and refreshing kitchen that is sure to lift your spirits.

Cali Chic

Midcentury furniture has been making its way back into homes for a while now, but there’s a new twist. Mix your mid-mod pieces with bohemian or Moroccan inspired accents for a neutral but textured room.

Natural Wood

Bring the outdoors in with natural wood materials. This will help your indoor and outdoor spaces feel more cohesive. Natural wood tones work well with whites and light blues that are perfect summer colors.

Pop of Pink

A pop of pink is a simple way to brighten up your space in a fresh edgy way that isn’t overdone.

Dark Blue

Dark blue isn’t reserved for just winter. Kitchen chairs in a deep blue hue still feel summery with wooden touches.

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