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5 Room Design Ideas For The Season

Dark Toned Furniture

A large sectional with dark toned fabric adds an inviting and warm feeling to this space. The light wood coffee table and rug create contrast and bring this room together.

Mix Neutrals

This room at a ranch house in upstate New York features a mix of neutral tones for a cozy feeling. The fur throw really ads to that winter coziness and the hand carved wood chair helps the room stand out.

Dark Brown Leather

Leather chairs were meant to be by a fire place. The colors play perfectly with fall and winter designs and we love the effect of light reflecting from the fireplace. It creates a truly unique and warm feeling.

Tan & Charcoal

This room features light shades of tan cabinetry match by the dining table. The charcoal accents in the floor tile, island, and kitchen backsplash add contrast and a rustic warm feeling. Greenery helps add a pop of color and life to the room and brings it all together.

Classic Art

The colors and frames of classic art pieces are usually a little faded and dark, which is perfect for fall and winter. In this room design below you can see the custom chairs were meant to match the sky of the painting in the background, and the table matches the frame.

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