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5 Relaxing Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Waterfall Tile

This is an idea first seen in luxury resorts in Bora Bora. It’s a fresh way to use tile and add some color to your master bathroom.

Dark Theme

Most home bathrooms go for light colors but if you have ever been inside a high-end spa you might have noticed the dark accents and moody atmosphere. Darker colors tend to calm and relax us. making this the perfect theme for a master bathroom.

Shower Room

This is a trend first spotted in Japanese minimalism. The concent is to remove everything necessary like mirrors, glass and make the room entirely out of stone so that the entire room becomes the shower itself.  It creates an open feeling similar to outdoor showers, but with a little more privacy.

Storage Wall

If your bathroom is a little smaller then removing the cabinets will open up the space and make it feel more modern. You can then incorporate a nook storage wall design that not only makes it more functional but also looks amazing.

Translucent Stone Feature

This design looks more like a work of art than a bathroom wall. You can create this look by incorporating a translucent stone slab like geode with backlighting. It’s beautiful, unique, and extremely relaxing and luxurious looking.