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5 Picture Perfect Holiday Decoration Ideas

Silver, White & Gold

Silver, white and gold are a beautiful and fresh color scheme for Christmas. It works well in both modern and traditional homes and it creates a fresh and open feeling while still keeping it familiar and festive.

Modern Ornaments

Modern geometric ornaments are a tasteful approach to decorating your tree. This alone will take any tree from conventional to designer.

Wallpaper Wrapping Paper

Finding beautiful wrapping paper seems to be difficult and comes across as common in most cases, so why not use your favorite wallpaper to create high end and understated gift wrapping?

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are fantastic for holiday decorating. The translucent white and sparkle pair perfectly with holiday colors.

Grand Table

Dining tables are not used as much as they used to be. The holidays are one of the few times of year you will actually have people gathered together around a dining table so why not go all out? Make it an experience.


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