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5 Outdoor Furnishing Trends To Try In 2019

Classically Inspired

one of the top styles for 2019 is the American classic look. Natural wood paired with stripes is the perfect combination for a fresh and nostalgic look to your patio area.

Outdoor accessories

When we think of outdoor design, we don’t really think about the accessories and this might be an overlooked area that can really ad alot of character and charm to your outdoor designs.

Entertaining Focused

If you take a different approach and focus your outdoor space on entertaining instead of lounging you will find beautiful outdoor table settings that rival interior tables. In a time where people aren’t using their dining rooms as much, it could be a nice transition during the summer.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs do exist and they are gorgeous. If you really want to elevate your outdoor area in a fresh new way, this is the way to do it. They are also easy to maintain and are made from advanced antimicrobial materials

Multifunctional Sets

Multifunctional outdoor furniture sets are built in a modular way so that you can be creative when simply changing up the look or catering to a larger number of guests. Its a fantastic and easy solution that really allows you to get the most functionality out of your furniture.

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