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5 New Wallpaper Trends Designers Should Know About


Interior design is about creating a mood and experience. Ombre is a new wallpaper trend that allows you to cast an entire wall in a beautiful gradient. The wallpaper below captures the hard to express beauty of dusk when lights begin to fade.

Large Scale Prints

With a super large scale print it looks more like a work of art. Large scale prints allow you to do new dramatic designs that could not be accomplished before. A popular use for large scale prints is to mimic the design of larger things like rock formations, or to take something naturally small and scale it up.

New Textures

Wallpaper allows you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Instead of using wallpaper as a “design” a popular new trend is to use wallpaper to create a “texture”. It’s a great way to add details natural elements couldn’t create and to incorporate it in new areas.

Classic Wallpaper, New Furniture

There’s something special about classic mural wallpaper and you can make it feel fresh by simply contrasting it with new modern furniture. Sometimes less is more and when you incorporate contemporary minimalistic furniture, it allows the wallpaper to stand out on its own like a work of art.

Matching Designs

If you’re a designer that loves to create your own wallpaper designs from scratch then a great new trend is matching the wallpaper to upholstery in a room.  This is a fun and exciting way to think about how wallpaper relates to a room.

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