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5 New Kitchen Trends Interior Designers Are Using.

Warm Wood In Kitchens

For the longest time, we have moved away from the wood look by painting over wood or using other materials. But wood is making a come back. Designers are using wood in a new way by incorporating wood panels in the kitchen to offset a white color scheme.

Picket Tiles

TIles are making a big come back in every way. The most popular type of tile right now with interior designers is Picket tiles. These tiles offer a modern geometric shape that can still fit into most designs and give more visual interest then just basic square tiles.

Dark & Light Contrasting

It seems everyone is over the “all-white” kitchen look. Designers are adding darker contrasting colors like black or navy blue to break up the space a little more and provide structure through color. The key is to to make sure the dark colors are just accent colors and don’t overwhelm the space.

Rattan In the Kitchen

Rattan is a popular look right now, but its usually reserved for outdoor furniture. Rattan is making its way indoors and is actually a beautiful addition to the kitchen if you are going for a more traditional look with soft colors.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is mone of those trends that looks so good you wonder why we havent started doing this sooner? Designers are using this more and more because it can go with literally any design style and its a fantastic new way to feature accents and make the kitchen feel more open.

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