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5 Living Room Trends For 2018

No Blinds

Window technology has come a long way. It’s now possible to have windows that allow you to not have blinds while still blocking harmful UV rays while regulating the temperature.

Art Objects

Instead of a painted art piece people are going for art objects. Even art on the wall can be an object. With good lighting it can create an interesting effect.

Copper Accents

Mixing metallic accents with traditional wood pieces adds depth to your living room decor. The two materials play off one another perfectly.

Minimal Coffe Tables

Coffee tables have changed so many times over the years, from large and ornate to small and simple. Right now coffee tables are seen as a supporting accent instead of a focal point. A smaller coffee table helps show off a rug.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are very popular right now because it’s connecting two social places, the kitchen and the living room.  These two rooms are becoming closer together which makes it great for entertaining.

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