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5 Living Room Ideas For 2018

More bright colors and earthy tones are coming back in 2018 so we thought we would give you 5 examples of how to use this palette with different styles.

Transitional Modern

This style incorporates matte finishes from the lighting to the table. Gloss is on its way out as a main feature. Instead it is used as an accent.

Earthy Green & Brass

Light green tones are one of the fresh new color trends coming in 2018. It works wells as a spring color. Pair it with matte or brushed brass accents and you have a room to die for.

Navy & Wicker

Navy blue is the main theme of this room. Some might say that it could be overdone but what balances the room and makes it work is the use of wicker accents that match the flooring. The predominately white wall art and zebra rug also help break things up.

Elegant Pink

The pink in this room is very well done. You can see hints of pink in the paint and art, and the two statement chairs bring the room together. This room also follows the 2018 trend of low gloss and matte finishes.

Black & White

Most black and white rooms are sleek modern spaceships but we wanted to show you how it could be done in a more transitional way. The wood paneling has a black natural texture while the patterned red rug gives a sense of color to the room and helps make the white furniture stand out.

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