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5 Lighting Accessories That Will Bring Your Room Together

Pendant Chandelier

If you are looking for something that will compliment a transitional or rustic modern look then the pendant chandelier at design house in showroom #115 is for you.

Gold Abstract Lamp

This table lamp is like an art piece all on its own. It’s organic and yet balanced at the same time, It could easily fit into many different design styles. You can find it at Bunch & Shoemaker in showroom #152

Antique Chandelier

If you are a true connoisseur of fine antiques then this chandelier is perfect for you. It was meant to be displayed inside a classic estate. You can find it at Charlotte Nail antiques in showroom #165

Mirrored Lamp

This mirrored lamp is really great for a more homey and simple feel while still adding a touch of style and class. You can find it and many other lamps like it at Lighting Treasures in showroom #151

Colorful Lamps

For a home with a lot of character and color we recommend these geometric painted lamps. You can find them at Scene One Interiors in showroom #109

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