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5 Kitchen & Bath Style Trends For 2019

Customized Colors

A number of brands have showcased color finishes for their products that home owners can customize. Customized colors are a big trend this year with everything from bath tubs, to appliances which are customizable.

Transitional Style

Transitional design style seems to be the happy medium between traditional and modern for home owners. The most popular transitional style is farmhouse style, which is right behind contemporary in the number 3 spot. Brands are showcasing new products this year that fit the transitional farm house aesthetic.

Rich & Moody

On the other end of the spectrum of transitional style is the rich and moody design aesthetic that has been gaining popularity.  This style features dark rich colors and hued or stained mirror accents. This trend encapsulates luxury and glam into a space. It’s about standing out and creating a high end feel.

Dark Cabinets

Designers are embracing darker colors like navy and grey in the kitchen. This is usually used on the lower cabinets and paired with either a white floor or white upper cabinets.


Another popular color style for kitchens is actually the all matte look. Everything in the kitchen is created and put together to deliberately have no shine. This is the exact opposite of what people relate to regarding kitchens, but it’s an extremely beautiful modern look.

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