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5 Interior Design Trends For Summer 2018

Think Outside The Home

Now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor area. There is nothing quite like an evening outside during the summer with friends. A big trend in home designs is opening the home up to the outdoors rather than having an outdoor area.

Window Wall

Instead of having a singular window in the kitchen, why not turn the entire wall into the window itself. This is a great way to connect your home to the outdoors without being exposed to the heat or humidity.

Art Deco Entry 

We love this look because it allows you to have a fresh bright home without overdoing it. The blues, whites, and crystal accents are the perfect setting for summer.

Marble, Bronze, and Wood 

Normally bronze and marble are associated with a very high end and luxurious look. But this design below was able to make it feel more natural and understated. It follows the trends of 2018 by using matte bronze rather than polished bronze, and the wood accent at the top makes it feel more natural and it is not typically what you see paired with marble.


It wouldn’t be summer without a little greenery throughout the house. It’s always surprising to see what a few plants can do for a home’s ambiance.

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