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5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Tech in the home

Smart home technology is becoming very main stream. These systems give you control over every aspect in your home right from your smartphone. Allowing you to control the lights and even take pictures of suspicious behavior outside.

Source: teclaplata.com

Kitchens as a separate room

Instead of the kitchen being a small place where you prepare food it is now becoming a destination spot. People like to set up bar stools around large islands and even set up small tvs. This is a great place to gather the kids in the morning or a place to socialize with friends.

Source: members.har.com

mixed styles

A trend that is already around but will become more prominent in 2017 is mixing modern and traditional styles together. This is a fresh trend that allows you to really create something unique.

Source: architecturaldigest.com

light wood grains

With Homes becoming more open and windows becoming larger, more light is being let into the home than ever before. People are now opting for lighter wood grains rather than dark wood grains.

Source: poppytalk.com


The color green is making a come back in multiple different shades. We love this color because it is extremely flexible and could fit into almost any design.

Source: dotproperty.id

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