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5 Interior Design Tips The Professionals Use

Go Bold In Small Spaces

A small space like a bathroom doesn’t define your entire home design, so you have the flexibility to be bold and creative. Top interior designers like to go bold with these spaces to make a home design more unique or incorporate styles you wouldn’t normally use in larger spaces.

Mix Time Periods

If you are a lover of antiques then don’t be afraid to mix time periods and even items from different regions or cultures.  While having uniformity can be impressive for a traditional look, mixing items really creates a more original look.

Use Fabric Beyond Furniture Pieces.

When you are thinking of fabric most people think only of furniture fabric, but fabric covers a large spectrum of design. Fabric is used in wall coverings, drapes, bedding, and even lighting.

High Low Design

High low design is a concept designer use to balance out rooms better. The way it works is by incorporating high ticket attention pieces like tables for example and mixing them with budget items, like chairs. The key is to make the high-end pieces a statement in the room.

Incorporate Real Plants

Fake plants have really grown in popularity over the past few years, but top designers think it’s a big mistake. You could have one of the best designs in the town, but if you have fake plants it will automatically make the room feel cheaper.