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5 Interior Design Tips The Pros Use

Colorful Window Trims

Window trims are often overlooked but you can actually use them as a statement. Matching your window trims with accent colors in a room can really provide a stunning contrast that will create a unique looking room.

Vary Scale

Beautiful interiors come down to varying scale. You do not want everything at the same height. You want to make sure everything in a room is at a varying height to create visual interest in a room.

Choose Paint Color Last

It is much easier to match a paint color to the furniture than it is to find the perfect color of sofa after you have painted the room. When you go shopping for furniture and you find incredible pieces that you would like to add in your room, painting the walls will be a lot easier to change.

Furniture Spacing

An common mistake people make is adding too much furniture. It can be easy to overdo a room trying to incorporate every idea and you end up with an overcrowded room. Sometimes less is more.

Overdoing Themes

It’s ok to gain inspiration from magazines and on-line sites, but some people make the mistake of copying exactly what they see. This can make a room feel really “themed”, which can come across as not genuine so don’t forget to incorporate your own personality and style.

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