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The 5 Interior Design Rules You Must Know

Mix Textures

Always mix materials and add texture. This is a rule most interior designers live by. The goal is to make a space feel more vibrant and stimulating.

Layer Lighting

The only time you should have a single light is if it’s a statement chandelier piece or something that covers an entire table. At other times it’s good to layer your lighting and have light coming from multiple sources, not just overhead. Find creative niches for floor lamps and sconces.

Always Measure Your Space

An empty room can be very deceptive. You might think you have lots of room to work with but once you start adding in furniture you will quickly see how the room is actually smaller than perceived. If you don’t measure your space first, you can run the risk of having oversized furniture and completely ruining the look you were trying to achieve.

Don’t Forget Function

We are all for buying beautiful sculptural pieces of furniture that has visual impact. But you have to remember that a home is to be lived in, and preferably in a comfortable way. So don’t forget the actual functionality of the room and how it will be actually used in day to day life.

Break the rules

Once you’ve mastered the basics then it’s time to take some risks and go with your instinct to create a truly unique design. It’s not about breaking rules for the sake of it; it’s about knowing what is going to take your designs to the next level.

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