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5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break

Never Mix & Match Prints

This old rule was meant to be broken. Mixing patterns adds visual interest and loads of texture to a space.  Start with one large-scale printed piece like a rug and add secondary items like pillows in complementary colors.

Don’t Put Large Furniture In Small Spaces

In general this rule still definitely applies because large furniture can emphasize a lack of space. You don’t want to overdo anything but if you are stuck with large furniture then try placing it closer to the borders and walls of a room. It will keep the room looking spacious and expansive. A mirror might go well also.

Stick To One Design Style

Breaking this rule has become a trend. People are constantly mixing and matching different styles and time period pieces to create a unique and fresh look.

A Room Should Be Perfectly Symmetrical.

A room no longer needs to be perfectly symmetrical. We are seeing a lot of designs that are asymmetrical or have no symmetry at all. It’s all about what you actually see and how something looks.

All Dining Room Chairs Should Match

You can be really creative by breaking this rule. While it is true that if dining room chairs all match it can look very formal, but adding a collection of different chairs is not only a fun process but it’s a very playful and unique approach.


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