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5 Interior Design Ideas You Can Take From Restaurants

Bar Stool Seating

If you have an open kitchen then bar stool seating is a must. Instead of picking regular bar stools try finding something you might find at a restaurant instead.

Brass Menu

When you plan on hosting guests then a brass drink menu is something we have seen at restaurants, it could be a great touch to your evening. This works great for those who collect wine or have a wine cellar.

Outdoor Seating

When it comes to outdoor seating it’s all basically the same when it comes to homes. If you visit a restaurant you might get some ideas to do things a little differently. In this example you can see multiple tables with a booth along the wall. This might be great for those who have little outdoor space in urban environments.

Stand Out Art Displays

Restaurants usually always have something on display to impress or add to the atmosphere. We believe this is a great way to gather inspiration for your own kitchen or dining areas.

Notice The Lighting

Whenever we go into a restaurant one of the first things we notice is the lighting. Restaurants use lighting fixtures and placement to create a certain feeling. Next time you are at your favorite restaurant take notice of these details and try to incorporate them into your kitchen designs.


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