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5 Interior Design Ideas You May Have Never Seen Before.

Garden Table

This gorgeous table designed by Brooklyn designer Emily Wettstein will help you incorporate live plants into your home. Bring the garden brunch indoors this summer.


3D Walls

With the proper lighting this wall can add incredible dimension to an interior. This wall was created with multi size wood blocks. It replicates textures found in nature, such as a stone cliff while having a modern feel at the same time.

Suspended Bed

Save space by suspending your bed. This design idea works well in city loft spaces. Apart from being a space saver it also provides you with a private nook perfect for reading or star gazing!

Glass Flooring

If you’re not afraid of heights glass flooring is an incredible design feature. Glass flooring makes the home feel more open and spacious in a unique and unexpected way.

Fiber Optics

Create enchanting detail with fiber optic lighting. Fiber optics is a relatively new technology that you can incorporate onto walls, flooring and even wallpaper. It is perfect for adding that last touch of light.

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