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5 Furniture Trends To Look For In 2019

Abstract Organic Metal

A trend in 2019 is the organic minimalist look. This encompasses the use of organic non glossy metal furniture pieces and accents. Adding an abstract piece or sculpted art adds depth to this look.

Artisanal Pieces

2019 is seeing a huge push to custom again which is great for the design industry. But being just custom isn’t always enough. People who are passionate about their homes and design are looking for pieces from recognized artisans and craftsman.

Geometric Furniture

Geometry is a popular trend not just in furniture but in all aspects of design. You can see examples of prominent geometry with the Hudson Yards Vessel in New York. Geometry is a great way to create uniqueness and structure in a modern design context.

Optical Prints

When it comes to upholstery an interesting accent trend we are seeing is optical prints. Optical prints are a slight illusion that tricks the eye with movement. On a small scale this can add interest to a design but be careful when applying this on a larger scale, it could be overwhelming.

Four Poster Beds.

Bed posts are back in style, but in a different way. Before you would see huge columned bed posts but in 2019 bed posts are slimmer and act as a framing element rather than the stand out feature.

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