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5 Fresh Flooring trends for 2018

Textured Carpet

There are a lot of new trends and choices available with carpet today. One of the most popular style trends at Manchester Carpet has been their textured carpet selection. It provides a subtle design that adds interest without going overboard.


Bleached Wood

Bleached wood has been popular for a couple of years, but in 2018 you will find a much larger selection of different colors and tones, as before it was primarily lighter colors. The Houston Showroom offers a great selection of bleached wood while also carrying eco-friendly lines and anti-flooding flooring.


Hand-Made Tiles

Authentic hand-made tiles seem to be making a rise back into high-end luxury homes. More and more designers are appreciating the craftsmanship of hand made tiles and also the intricate designs that can be achieved. While these tiles are more popular, they are being used differently than before. Now they are being used as accents in flooring in only a few rooms to give character, but not the primary focus of the flooring in the entire home.


There’s more demand now than ever for stone flooring. Before stone was viewed as an outdoor or commercial material. But with homeowners becoming educated on the many variations of stone they are finding affordable, beautiful and practical alternatives to wood and carpeting. Thorntree Slate & Marble is at the forefront of this trend. They have a selection of stones ranging from natural to porcelain.


Artificial Flooring

Artificial flooring has come a long way from laminate tiles and wood. Technology has improved so much with this type of flooring that even high-end luxury home owners are opting for these materials, because they look so high end. In many cases artificial flooring is actually stronger, more eco friendly and water resistant than real materials.



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