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5 Fall Trends For 2019

The Oversized Fur Throw

A fur throw is a fall must-have. This year instead of something small and barely noticeable, go for a large oversized fur throw. This is perfect for creating a cozy bedroom look.

Hand Made Area Rug

Area rugs are perfect for fall. they add color to a space and make it feel more structured. The recent rug trend is truly hand made rugs. They feel more unique and special than something mass-produced.

Dining Table

Even if you have an open concept home, having a dining table for this time of year will come in handy. Its the perfect place for guests and friends to gather when celebrating the holiday season. They are also perfect for displaying seasonal flower displays.

Pillow Layers

Now that the weather is changing and getting colder, it’s time to add in some warm layers. Adding extra pillows is the perfect way to do this without over cluttering your living room design.

Forest Green

Green hasn’t been a popular color since the 70s, but it’s making a big comeback with more natural forest tones and can pair well with modern furniture pieces that feature clean lines and black colors.