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5 Eye Catching Dining Room Ideas For Fall

Floral Wallpaper

If you want to have a beautiful dining area that captures the feeling of fall without overdoing your dining table itself, then we love this wallpaper design. It’s very clearly fall while also keeping the room neat and simple.

Be Bold With Gold

Strong is a very strong and impactful color that can bee easily overdone. What they did with this design was offset the gold with the dark wood table. The wallpaper also features darker gold tones.  This design can also transition perfectly into winter.

Embrace Orange

People are hesitant to use orange because it can be very bright or tacky looking. The key is to make sure to use it in rooms with light-colored walls to give it a more modern appeal.

Switch It Up With Maroon

If you are not into orange but still want to add color then try Maroon. It’s bold and different while also being a perfect fit for fall. We really think this color stands out and matures when paired with black accents.

Copper Accents

An easy way to add a little fall into your dining room is by replacing the silver or bronze accents with copper ones. Copper matches the colors of fall much better and offers a more warm reflection.