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5 Design Features We Should Use More Often

Console Tables

With the trend towards modern, you’re starting to see console tables used less. However, they are still the perfect piece for wide hallways and short walls you arent sure what to do with.


White and neutral colors have taken over. It’s understandable why people would want to do this, It appeals to a broad audience and its easy to do. However, when you see designers being bold and actually incorporating color it creates a dramatic one of a kind statement design that is hard not be impressed by.

Custom Art

There have been quite a few stories online about artist not having enough new demand and Galleries closing down. People seem to be gravitating towards premade art, surprisingly even in high-end homes. This seems like a sad trend because there’s nothing quite like the process of getting a custom art piece made for you home. In a lot of cases, it isn’t as expensive as you think and you’re going to cherish that piece more.

Investment Furniture

It seems like the industry as a whole wants and tries to drive people to change their furniture at least every year or two. This not only drives the quality of furniture down to make it more affordable but it takes people’s attention away from Investment furniture like high-quality antiques. We arent saying every piece of furniture should be an investment piece, but a couple of pieces that you hold on too could be a great way to go.

Glass Vases

When you think of glass vases what comes to mind is an overdesigned, brown or turquoise object that you would never want anywhere near your home. But glass vases have come along way and are now in very sleek designs that are perfect for transitional and modern looks.

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