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5 Design Features Everyone is Obsessing Over.

Woven Lamps

Wicker has made a big come back this year and these woven lamp designs have proven to be the most popular wicker pieces right now. They are fresh, unique, and somehow go perfectly with just about any room design.

Refined Industrial Chairs

These Industrial inspired metal chairs have been embraced by designers and home owners alike. You can’t read about design without seeing them at least twice in a magazine. Their popularity is for good reason; they are perfect for creating a distinct urban feel.

Chalkboard Wall

With the introduction of chalkboard paint, people have introduced the “chalkboard wall” this is a creative and actually very aesthetically beautiful way to incorporate art and playfulness in your home. This is perfect for those with small children where they can show off their designs and creations.

New Marble and Gold

Marble and gold has always been around, but lately people have been obsessing with a more natural approach. Instead of the gold details being shiny, people are going for a more natural look, incorporating patterns, textures, and brushed surfaces to tone the brightness down.

Seating Patterns

Another design feature people love is incorporating patterns into seating where it is traditionally smooth. It’s a fantastic way to add interest to your designs while making the seating the focal point. It’sdefinitely new and eye catching.

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