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5 Creative Ways to Mix Vintage & Industrial Pieces Into Your Home

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate an industrial feeling into your home. The wood has character, charm, and it tells a story.


Lighting is a great way to incorporate vintage or industrial pieces. There are a lot of artisans using old vintage coverings and the Edison bulb has never been more popular. It also gives a unique modern look to your home.

Incorporate Metal

The industrial look is about the perfect mix of wood, brick, and metal. Metal beams can be used for bold architectural statements. A metal staircase also gives a very industrial feeling while also making your home feel more spacious and modern because of the free space between and under the steps.

Vintage Furniture

You can create a very authentic feeling in a home by using vintage furniture. Vintage furniture has a little character and it’s hard to find exactly the same pieces so it also creates diversity and visual interest.

Commercial Appliances

If you have the space then adding commercial appliances can give your kitchen that industrial flare. Commercial appliances are larger than regular appliances and are meant to be tough. Commercial appliances also utilize a lot of stainless steel and polished metals.


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