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5 Colors that will be huge this summer.

Sunny Yellow.

This fun color will be used to create contrast this summer. You can’t help but smile in a room with this color. To  make this color pop without being overdone use it on accent pillows paired with a soft neutral such as gray or white.


Exotic Orange.

Bright orange is a instant energizer. This color is bold. A temporary wall decal can be a great way to have some risk free fun this summer.


Soft Gray.

This shade of gray is classic and versatile. We love how so many colors can work with soft gray.


Mediterranean Blue.

Nothing is more inviting than a cool body of water on a bright summer day. Create that feeling by immersing your room in this beautiful shade of blue.


Nature-Inspired Neutrals.

Use nature inspired neutral colors to bring a breath of fresh air into your space. Incorporating natural or weathered wood creates a organic feel.



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