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5 Bright Kitchen Design Ideas


A skylight is not a feature you get to see in a kitchen all the time but it’s an incredibly beautiful feature that we think more people should incorporate into their kitchen. Being in a kitchen with the sky above you during the day and the stars at night is a unique way to elevate the space.

Window Wall

Design meets functionality with the NuView window wall from ProView Windows of Texas in Showroom #255. Imagine being able to completely open up your kitchen to the outdoors during summer and setting up some bar stools or just enjoying the fall breeze while enjoying a cup of coffee. They come with built in bug screens if you want to avoid any mosquitos making their way into your home.

Reflective surfaces

Surfaces with reflective or shiny properties instantly create an uplifting luxury feeling. Kitchen & Bath Concepts in Showroom #148 have perfected the art of combining metals, granite, and ceramics together to create the ultimate kitchen experience.

Glass Orbs

Beautiful hand crafted blown glass orbs are the perfect touch for any rustic or transitional kitchen. It adds a new level of craftsmanship and detail that will never go unnoticed.

Antiqued Accents

We love how this antiqued glass set into the wall of this modern kitchen creates something new and fresh that the eye is drawn to. It goes well with kitchens that have earthy tones or bronze accents. It’s the perfect way to make a kitchen feel more bright and open without overdoing it.

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