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5 Beautiful Color Combinations To Elevate Your Interior Designs

Great interior color comes down to cohesive and complementary combinations. A color that might seem “overwhelming” or “bold” can actually make sense and even elevate an interior if it is combined with the perfect harmonious colors. Below are a few color combinations you can use to make your interior stand out.

Sage & Stone

This color combination has a very spring-like feel to it and is appropriate for transitional and conservative design aesthetics while also providing more interest and detail, than a regular white room theme

Turquoise & Cream

Pair this color combination with wallpaper that has a natural texture to give an instant lift to the rooms color. Cream pairs perfectly as accents and small decor touches will keep the turquoise color from overbearing the room.

Blush & Olive

A huge trend in 2019 is earth tones. Blush and olive are a fantastic marriage of earthy natural colors that can be used dynamically in many home styles. This color can work for traditional looks, as well as modern or transitional looks.

Teal & Charcoal

This cool and masculine color combination make a room feel powerful, yet also open and comfortable. These colors are perfect for spaces with natural light and large glass window panes.

Sand & Navy

Sand and navy is a fashion match made in heaven. Take this fashion trend and incorporate it into a space to create a familiar yet unique look.

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