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4 Ways to Use Gold In Interior Design

Gold is a fantastic material to use for adding some shine or to draw the eye to an area. It can be very useful but also overdone so we want to give you 4 ways you can use gold without over doing it.

Fixtures and Lighting

One of the best ways to incorporate gold in an engaging, yet conservative way is to add some gold detailing with the lighting and fixtures like cabinet handles, faucets, and door knobs.

Picture Frames

Another tasteful way of adding some gold is by using brushed gold picture frames. This will definitely add some stylish class to any room.

Gold Foil Art

Adding an abstract gold foil art piece can look trendy and chic if pulled of correctly but be careful this is one of those accessories that can give off a gaudy feel if you over do it.


Mirrors are a great way of adding some stylish bronze into your home. We like circular mirrors when using bronze because they seem to reflect more light from multiple angles.


This is another option that can easily be over done but if you opt for fabrics with just a gold detail then this can add some understated bling to your room.


A traditional wallpaper design with a gold twists can really make a room stand out. We love this picture below because the gold does not overwhelm you and it still keeps the room elegant and classy.

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