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4 Rug Trends For 2019

Rugs in Unlikely Places

Rugs are no longer just for the living room, you will find designers using rugs in places like the kitchen to add a bit of color and pattern where there may not otherwise be any.

New Traditional

People are still using traditional rug designs because they add a beautiful and timeless look to your home but one of the new trends is updating the traditional designs with new colors to fit more current day styles.  At L.G.I Oriental rugs you can customize each rug to fit your interiors perfectly.


Geometric Rugs

A recent trend from Fall Market is geometric rugs. Bold geometric rugs make a big statement in any space and goes well with green which is a popular color for fall right now.

Rugs As The Centerpiece

Rugs are no longer an accent but now the center of attention for many interior designs. This contemporary work of art is a Tibetan rug that was hand made in Nepal. You can find it at L.G.I Oriental rugs who specialize in sourcing and designing these rugs.

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