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4 Design trends you need to know about in 2016

Dining rooms

Remember when we used to actually use are dining rooms? According to houzz more and more home owners are keeping there dining rooms instead of converting them into some type of media room or office.

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Mixed materials in kitchens

In 2016 more people are opting for a more personalized unique feel instead of opting in for the high polish uniform feeling for their kitchens.  Vintage peaces have been making a big comeback in furniture and now that trend is making its way into the kitchen.

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Low tech living rooms.

With younger generations gaining more buying power you are going to see low tech living rooms. The reason behind this is because younger people prefer to get media and entertainment online through their phones or laptops. They are also very busy people. The only times they consume media is at work or at home while in their beds. Now this doesn’t mean they are getting rid of tech in the living room all together but you’re going to see a trend of hiding tech in creative ways.


Wall patterns & Coverings

In the past wall coverings have been things that have made home buyers cringe. But lately with new techniques of making new wall coverings and creative designers using them in a non tacky way. It has created a revitalization of wall coverings in the industry.