Connie LeFevre and her staff at Design House, Inc recently attended the High Point Furniture Market. Here is what Connie took away from the event with her professional insight on the industry. 

Taking the pulse of High Point International Market this fall was like taking the pulse of the country right now.  It seemed like all the Pantone Colors of the Year since the recession were shown at market.  Of course this year’s rose quartz and serenity blue were represented in most showrooms, more often called blush, and all shades of the blues were everywhere as they have been for several markets.  Since blue is the most popular color nationally, that is certainly understandable.  But noticing the other colors represented, I began to see a pattern of all the Colors of the Year:  blue iris (2008), mimosa (2009)- yellow, turquoise (2010), honeysuckle (2011) – bright pink, tangerine tango (2012) – orange, emerald (2013), radiant orchid (2014), marsala (2015).  Some of these appear more now than when they were the stars!  Especially notable were the yellow, green, orange and of course blue, but there were shades of purple and orchid, and black and white.  Gray remains the new neutral.  Are the colors seen at market this year reflecting the economy and confusing election year?

I did see a lot more use of performance fabrics.  Thank goodness!  We have been promoting and expounding on the use of these for quite a while.  Why not have a fabric that is easily cleaned with soap and water and sometimes even bleach, when it looks so good?  Manufacturers are catching on and finally doing more upholstery in the crypton, nanotex and sunbrella (performance fabrics) to name a few.  Also very popular and luxurious, velvets were seen in abundance, but they can also be performance fabrics that not only have the cleanability, but also the abrasion resistance.

There was a mix of materials evidenced in furnishings and accessories using metal, wood, acrylic, stone and concrete.  And matt metallics were a softer, more elegant look than the previous brighter, shiny finishes.  Acrylics juxtaposed with stone and wood were exciting in accessories and casegoods.

Minerals were everywhere!  Used as specimens on stands or in frames, agates as table tops and in light fixtures, quartz mirrors, boxes topped with various minerals, and lamps using a variety of minerals.

Look for so many of these coming to Design House soon.  I always like to say “trend lightly”, but these are the most outstanding “trends” at this market.  Trends have to be meaningful to you, and you should follow your own tastes and lifestyle.   I believe more people want unique, personalized environments, and will put it all together differently to suit them.  There is more demand for customization, which we promote.  We often “tweak” product at Design House to make it better and more individual; and we do a lot of customization.  You do not have to settle for sameness.


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