Texas might be known for its cowboys, barbecue and southern hospitality. But Texas is also home to a special style of architecture known as Texas modernism. We want to show you 5 homes that pull this style off perfectly.

Brookview Residence 

The owners of this home in Dallas Texas wanted to create an open feeling merging the indoors and outdoors together. They also took inspiration from a boutique hotel and used locally sourced stone to blend in with the area.

Concrete Box Residence

This Houston home by Robertson Design is comprised of a wooden box perched on top of a concrete box. The symmetry of this home is beautiful and it has been featured in car advertisements.

Critter Canyon

This Beautiful home in Austin Texas was created by Furman + Keil Architects. It’s the perfect blend of old and new. The walls and vaulted ceiling impart a rustic feeling but when you look closer you will see the straight lines and neatness usually found in a modern home.

Green Lantern 

This San Antonio house was created by John Grable Architects with a focus on sustainability. Features include a green roof, Photovoltaic panels for electricity, and greywater and rainwater harvesting system.

Vertical Home

This five-story Dallas home by Miro Rivera Architects provides a sharp contrast to its forested surroundings with its stark geometry. At night the rooms light up to create a bright, modern transparent structure.