Soft Cell

From soft carpeting to padded furniture, a big trend this year was furniture embraced by soft fabrics. Tapis made a case for rolling around on the floor after a hard day of work.

Big-Scale Sustainability

Sustainability has always been a goal every furniture maker reaches for. So far it’s been exclusive to only higher end furniture brands but this year Emeco and Kartell launched elegant, affordable chairs made of recyclable postindustrial waste.


Follow the color palette trends of 2018 being more natural with matte finishes rather than shiny ones, Wicker finds itself perfectly in this trend. Marcio Kogan’s quadrado patio furniture featured a teak frame with synthetic-wicker backrests, while Hermes petite vice-versa table incorporated a wicker storage shelf.

Modern Pink

While this may be a familiar color to the design-conscious American, it flooded Milan. The Campana Brothers went with shrieking cyclamen for an update of their bomboca sofa at Louis Vitton. Artemest also featured a range of pinks in their upcoming furniture line.


Geometry has been a big part of the design world in the last 5 years and it is still going strong. Lee Broom mastered the globe in his Orion Lights and Piero Lissoni built a square coffee table of brilliant gridded glass.