Mediterranean blue and gold

These two colors work perfectly together when offset by white. It creates the perfect summer-inspired space. Make sure to compliment these colors with matte finishes and organic accents.

Rustic Tan and Navy

This is perfect for a home with natural wooden beams. It makes everything look high end while also feeling natural and rustic. It’s a more blended concept rather than going for a bright white, which most people do with exposed wooden beams.

Dark Blue & White

Dark blue is best used as a detail color. The design below does a perfect job of this with the ornate designs allowing the blue to make its impact without going overboard or making the room feel dark.

Light Blue & Grey

Most people probably wouldn’t want to paint their entire room grey. That is until you see it. The room below gives off a very unique high end look that could not be accomplished without the perfect light blue accent color.

Turquoise Accents

If you want to incorporate blue into your design plans this summer you don’t have to redo your entire designs. Instead, you could simply add a few little details. If you are going to do this we find turquoise colors fit perfectly with just about any color scheme.