Elegant Fabrics

An elegant statement fabric can make a room. Whether you have a taste for florals or an elegant jacquard, there is a perfect fabric out there that will bring any cherished antique piece back to life!

Large Canvas Print

Large colorful abstract prints! A grander scale piece will allow you to adorn your walls with a fun pop of color which adds interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Less is More

Sometimes taking away all the extra things you have out can make your home look more fresh and sleek. Instead of thinking what you could add, try thinking about what you could take away. Incorporate art pieces, and other decorative accessories of a larger scale, rather than a bunch of little Knick knacks that clutter a space.

Designer Books

Designer books are the perfect accessory to show off your taste in fashion. You can find books from Chanel, Vogue, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent.

Remove the Blinds

Blinds are great for a lot of designs but sometimes completely removing them will give your home a look it never had before. It brightens everything up with natural light and offers a clean sophisticated look.