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April 2019

5 Simple Ways To Transform a Home From Outdated To Modern

A home that might feel drab, and washed out, might actually be only a few tweaks away from becoming an elevated and modern space. This blog post is going to show you 5 simple ways you can transform your home and modernize it. Fresh Paint Let’s start with paint. It’s one of the most cost effective and high impact things you can do to update your home. You don’t have to limit yourself to just …Read More

5 New Wallpaper Trends Designers Should Know About

Ombre  Interior design is about creating a mood and experience. Ombre is a new wallpaper trend that allows you to cast an entire wall in a beautiful gradient. The wallpaper below captures the hard to express beauty of dusk when lights begin to fade. Large Scale Prints With a super large scale print it looks more like a work of art. Large scale prints allow you to do new dramatic …Read More

5 Ways To Add Character To A Living Room

Incorporate Unique Elements A living room with character means that it stands out and is not of the ordinary. Being unusual can be accomplished in a tasteful way. For example the room design below makes use of industrial metals and canvas in the custom made chairs and floor lamp. Add Your Own Personality Interiors should reflect your personality and the best way to do this is by making use of …Read More

5 Outdoor Design Trends for Spring & Summer 2019

Acrylic Acrylic has been a big part of interior design lately, but now it’s on its way outside. Acrylic not only looks beautiful outdoors, but it’s easy to clean and resistant to light damage. Woven Wicker Wicker is making a comeback.  This time around instead of big boxy squares, designers are opting for a more handmade bohemian look with shape and curves. Mixed Materials Usually when you buy outdoor furniture you buy a matching set. Well in …Read More