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June 2017

4 Creative Lighting Solutions

Repurposed Lighting A creative lighting idea is to take objects that were not previously home lights and turn them into statement lighting. It’s unique and impressive. The lighting in the picture below was taken from an old locomotive train. Art Lighting Instead of lighting behind or around an art piece why not make your lighting the art in the first place? Smart Lighting Tired of turning on light switches? Smart …Read More

How Interior Design Has Changed Over Time

1950s – 1960s The 1950s were right in the middle of the first American boom. TVs were just becoming popular and new electrical powered kitchen devices were taking over. This seems normal now but back then this completely changed the way we used our homes and socialized as families. With the post war boom of the 50s it was out with the old and in with the new, whereas the …Read More

4 Apps Interior Designers Should Consider Using

Color Capture Ever wonder what color that wall was? You are in luck because Benjamin Moore Released an app called Color Capture, allowing you to take a picture and color match anything that inspires you. Free for Apple & Android Photo Measures Instead of writing all of those room measurements on a notepad and trying to visualize everything in your head, download the Photo Measures app that allows you to …Read More

5 Ways To Enhance Your Outdoor Living

Eye Catching Furniture Furniture is usually the first thing people notice when they walk into your outdoor area. With summer almost here you will most likely be enjoying more time outside so it might be time to update your outdoor living space. Deck Area Decks are no longer simple squares of wood. Deck design has come a long way and can become a statement all on its own. Lighting Having …Read More

4 Home Features You Can’t Live Without After You’ve Tried Them

  Wine Cellar Once you get the wine collecting desire it’s hard to go back to singular wine racks. Having your own wine cellar will not only impress guests but it’s a great addition to your home for gatherings and relaxing evenings. Home Theater You might not think you would use a home theater very much but trust us, when the most comfortable seating you have ever sat in and …Read More